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Retro Pink Truck + Flower Delivery
May Warmer of the Month
Load up on springtime tulips with a whimiscal warmer resembling an old-fashioned pickup! Headlights and taillights are always aglow to ensure a clear path.

Please note: Flower Delivery Lid not sold separately.

Wattage: Element

Finish: Hand painted + Glows when lit

Dimensions: 5" tall

Material: Ceramic

Melt our wax with the heat of a low-watt light bulb or element and fill your space with fragrance — not flame, smoke, or soot.

Bloom-ing Marvelous - Spring blossoms dance in the sun alongside ripened red currant and gentle hints of golden amber.

Made of high-quality paraffin wax for long-lasting fragrance, Scentsy Bars are composed of eight break-apart cubes designed to use with any Scentsy Warmer. As the cubes melt, they fill your space with our exclusive scents, inspiring imagination and memories. Safe to use — no wick, flame, smoke or soot. Made in Idaho, USA. Net wt 2.6 oz.

Regularly $65.00 but through May 31, it is $58.50.  You also get 10% off on the room spray, scent circle, pod twin pack and Scentsy bar.

Room spray - $8.10
Scent Circle - $2.70
Scentsy Bar - $5.40
Scentsy Pod Twin Pack - $9.00

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I am now located in Oxford, Mississippi.  But don't worry, I can still service your account from here. If you need anything please contact me via email at info@excitingscents.com or visit my Scentsy page at https://excitingscents.scentsy.us.

Thank you for your business!
Blossom Warmer
A sanded finish over delicate cherry blossoms diffuses light into a soothing glow.

From March 1 to Aug. 31, 2024, Scentsy will donate $9.50 from the sale of each Blossom Warmer to the Scentsy Family Foundation to support nonprofits in the U.S. providing emergency shelters, counseling and other services to survivors of domestic violence.

$50.00 (plus tax and shipping)

Wattage: 25W

Finish: Glows when lit

Dimensions: 6.5" tall

Material: Glass

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